A fast food chain and a local health system team up for our kids' health.

Gundersen Health System had rolled out the 500 Clubs for Kids and partnered with McDonald's in the area.

The 500 Club is a seal given to participating organizations for food that is less than 500 calories and low in fat.

Gundersen put its stamp of approval on "Go-Gurt" as a new healthy side option for Happy Meals.

Both organizations see this as a way to help curb childhood obesity.

"It's a great way to get dairy and fruit in their diet, as well as a fun way to eat it," said Kristina Schoh, of the Courtesy Corporation.

"Obesity is one of those things that we know creates chronic illness later in life, so we can help the community make good choices and have healthy options in what they eat, we want to be a part of that," said Gundersen Health System’s senior vice president Mark Platt.

Eleven McDonald's in our area have the 500 Club for Kids seal and it could expand in the future.