Decreasing donations and a lack of resources forced the United Way in Winona to close. The agency announced their decision earlier this week.

But in larger communities, United Way is thriving.

Fundraising in smaller communities typically tends to bring in fewer dollars. Now, the agencies served by the United Way of Winona will have to look elsewhere to make up for the shortfall in funding.

And like many other non profit organizations, United Way is no stranger when it comes to experiencing a drop in donations.

"Those who donate, whether it's to united way or whether it's to another non-profit organization, the people that are committed, are giving more money, but the number of donors are are not necessarily increasing," said Mary Kay Wolf, executive director at Great Rivers United Way.

In smaller communities like Winona, shutting down United Way is more likely to happen. But United Way officials in Onalaska say the bigger the community, the bigger the opportunities for fundraising.

"For the past four years we've been very fortunate we've been able to meet all of our goals, each year we've increased our goal," said Jamie Korn, development director at Great Rivers United Way in Onalaska.

And by increasing its fundraising goals, United Way in larger communities like the La Crosse area, have the opportunity to serve smaller communities like those once served by the United Way of Winona, who are lacking resources.

"When there is no united way there, bringing together everybody and getting them to work on the same page or get them to move in the same direction to really tackle big social issues, I think that there is a loss, there is an inability then for people necessarily to paddle in the same direction," Wolf said.

And Korn says they are planning to tackle more of those social issues in additional counties as they plan to absorb parts of Buffalo and Trempealeau Counties into their service area.

"We are actually putting together a strategy for growth right now, we're bringing the top sales and marketing professionals together, and we formed a committee that is going to start to look at how can we get to an even better place than where we're at currently," Korn said.