It was graduation day for the La Crosse Citizen's Police Academy Wednesday.

22 residents went through the 8-week course which taught them about what it means to be a La Crosse Police officer.

The class learned everything from cadet training, drug enforcement and homicide cases. They also got to drive a squad car, get shocked by a stun gun and fire an officers weapon on the firing range.

The department held the academy to give residents a better understanding of why they do what they do. "I do think we had a lot of examples that were able to be shown and a lot of light bulbs pop up in everybody's head and was like, I get it now and I understand it so when I saw that, that was a good feeling and a satisfying feeling," said Lt. Troy Nedegaard, who taught the class.

Lt. Nedegaard says he hopes the department holds another academy class in the future.