Gov. Walker takes back $720 of chief's raise

Published On: Sep 06 2013 11:22:24 AM CDT
Wisconsin State Capitol

Gov. Scott Walker's administration is taking back $720 from the Capitol Police chief that was given to him retroactively.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports Friday that Walker's administration is acknowledging it acted improperly in retroactively raising Chief Dave Erwin's pay by 11.7 percent.

However, the reversal only affects the retroactive portion of his pay raise. He will continue to receive the higher salary of $111,067 going forward.

The disclosure came in an email from the chief counsel for the Department of Administration sent Wednesday to an attorney for the Legislature.

The acknowledgment of a mistake comes after the Walker administration insisted it followed state rules in giving the retroactive raise to Erwin as part of a transfer to a phantom job and then back to his current post.