German exchange students teach La Crosse students about homeland

German student exchange program

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Students in La Crosse got to learn more about the German culture Tuesday, thanks to some firsthand knowledge from a group of exchange students.

A group of 19 students from La Crosse's sister city of Friedberg, Germany gave presentations about their home town and country this morning to a class at Lincoln Middle School.

The German students are here for two weeks as part of Logan High School's German Exchange Program.

While they spent Tuesday teaching, they say their stay has been a learning experience for them, too.

"I wanted to come to La Crosse because I've never been to America, and you hear lots of things about America on TV and YouTube and I wanted to know what it is like, how the people are and make new friends in different countries and even a different continent," said student Helena Kelka.

"I just wanted to kind of experience the American lifestyle because it's completely different than like it is in Europe," added Julian Schalk. 

The students from Germany are staying with host families while they're here in La Crosse before heading back home next Tuesday.

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