A local business manager is hoping to hit new heights with his fundraising stunt.

As part of his effort to raise money for the Red Cross in the 'Dancing with the La Crosse Stars' event, Sign Pro manager Jim Warsinske is spending more than 24 hours 40 feet up in the air in front of the La Crosse Center. He's in a basket on a boom lift.

"I'm hoping that people will see that I'm challenging myself to face my fears and the challenges of mother nature," says Warsinske. A cold front moved in Wednesday as Warsinske was preparing to spend the night at the top of the lift. "It's been hard to tell if I've been shaking from being wet or cold... or from pure terror!"

He plans on being in front of the La Crosse Center until 3 p.m. Thursday. Drivers can drive-up and drop-off monetary donations.