The search for the Freedom Fest Medallion has come to an end.

Amber Blomquist, of West Salem, found the medallion near the intersection of Ward Avene and 33rd Street in La Crosse around noon on Thursday.

Specifically, Blomquist found the medallion hidden behind a bracket holding the piping onto the Ward Street bridge that crosses Pammel Creek near the intersection of Ward Avenue and 33rd Street.

This is actually Amber's third time finding the medallion.

She says found the first medallion by accident, but this year she really got into the search. "Yep.  I had read all the clues. A couple days ago I was out here a few minutes before work and then I got done with work today, came out and found it," said Blomquist.

Blomquist will receive a pair of VIP tickets to Freedom Fest on June 15, along with meet-in-greet passes to see Chicago and Daughtry at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Veterans Memorial Sports Complex.

Here were the clues:

Clue #1 - Monday, May 20:
The search is upon us once more
Find the medallion for prizes galore!
Freedom Fest brings out the masses
VIP tickets and Meet & Greet passes

Clue #2 - Tuesday, May 21:
Ask where the medallion lays?
It’s quiet and shady, yet bustling most days.
Safe and sound—no stealing a glance
It’s not likely you’ll come upon it by chance.

Clue #3 – Wednesday, May 22:
If Sherlock Holmes was on the case
He’d have a plan and theory on which to base
The answer from murky clues
Exclaiming Elementary! We can’t lose!

Clue #4 – Thursday, May 23:
It Feels Like Tonight—WIN—you will
If you’re looking up at the foot of a hill.
VIP tickets await
Along with meet & greets for those who aren’t late!

Clue #5 – Friday, May 24:
Left or right? Torn like Zhivago
To win tickets for Daughtry and Chicago
Not exactly lover’s lane
But you can stroll hand-in-hand all the same.

Clue #6 – Monday, May 27:
Salute to those who have served
Gratitude and honor for them is reserved
The clue today is a link
But it’s really not exactly what you think

Clue #7 – Tuesday, May 28:
Filled with lots of beating hearts
America’s pastime sure rules in these parts
Chicago, Daughtry—yes please!
If only these clues were an effortless breeze!

Clue #8 – Wednesday, May 29:
Whistle doesn’t pull the train
Even if it did, it would have to abstain
The medallion’s not far
But you’ll never find it driving in your car.

Clue #9 – Thursday, May 30:
Baby What a Big Surprise
The answer can be found right before your eyes
Clues giving you a fever?
Think TV Dad with a kid named the Beaver

Here's the last clue (#10) that would have been released on Friday, May 31:
Head to the Pammel Creek bridge
And go down the small grassy hill just a smidge
See those long white pipes that stretch?
Hidden there—the prize you'll fetch!