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LA CROSSE, Wis. - There are a lot of things we don't like paying for, and paying to get rid of something is pretty high up on the list for most of us.

State law now requires old electronics to be disposed of at designated sites that usually charge a fee.

So, when there's a chance to get rid of them for free, you end up with semi loads full of stuff.

Old monitors and printers would cost 10 cents a pound to dispose of at La Crosse County's hazardous materials drop off site, 20 cents per pound for TV's.

But, for four hours only, 5R Processors out of Lady Smith wasn't charging anything.

Their business is breaking down devices and selling what's still useful.

"We'll take it right down to nothing. We'll take a monitor apart, a CRT, we'll take the plastic off it and we'll recycle all of it," said Jim Moss, COO for 5R Processors.

Many of the old monitors and TV's will eventually end up back on a store shelf.

Wisconsin's E-cycle program requires the manufacturers of certain electronic devices to recycle 80 percent of their total weight sold in the state.

"Brand new TV's, brand new computers, in what state they sell it they have to buy processed pounds," said Moss.

It's programs like E-cycle and Wisconsin's electronic recycling law that keeps thousands of TV's and computer parts out of landfills.

"It's good to know that there is a program that allows people to dispose of everything correctly so it's not harming the environment," said Louis Pace, a resident of La Crosse.

Due to the great response 5R Processors will be holding another electronic recycling drive in May or June.

The exact date will be posted soon on their website

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