Oktoberfest officials are always looking for new events to add to the four-day fest, especially on the festival's final day.

The "Viener Vogue" and "Dachshund Dash" were two of those new Sunday events for this year's Fest.

The dash let dog owners see whose dog was quickest on its feet with a series of races. In the Viener Vogue, dogs from across the area had the chance to show it's not just those of us on two legs who can get into the festing spirit.

The events were organized by "Pet Me Scratch Me." Assistant Manager Michelle Smith says they wanted to do something that would allow people to get their pets involved with the Fest.

"What better way to do it than a German breed such as the dachshunds? They're really adorable, small, they're easy to dress up easy to be able to race in a contained space."

Winners of both the race and the fashion show won a doggy bag.