Neighborhood and community safety is the focus of an upcoming forum.

The La Crosse Area Crime Stoppers are hosting their annual public forum next week to create a discussion about neighborhood safety.

This year's forum theme, 'Safe and Thriving La Crosse Neighborhoods,’ focuses on how to best stop and prevent crimes in neighborhoods.

"The forum on crime, we're hoping to just have the people in and around the area get more educated on steps that they might be able to do to help improve the crime in their neighborhood, you know, help them prevent the crime in their neighborhood,” said La Crosse Area Crime Stoppers President Warren Thomas.

Speakers will talk about creating neighborhood watch programs. The La Crosse Police Department's Neighborhood Resource Officers will also talk about crime prevention and what they are seeing in La Crosse.

The second annual event is next Tuesday, September 20th, at the Weber Center for the Performing Arts in downtown La Crosse.