SPARTA, Wis. -

A team of soldiers from Fort McCoy is taking on a special mission at a military cemetery in Illinois.

About 12 soldiers are digitizing grave records at a closed Army base cemetery in Fort Sheridan, Ill.

The goal is to give people visiting a grave site 100 percent confidence that the headstone accurately states who is buried there.

Their work is part of an Army-wide mission to digitally document all grave site in Army cemeteries.

Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. William Bissonette is in charge of the effort, he says the soldiers volunteered to be part of the team.

He said from the moment they stepped into the cemetery, they were aware of how important the project is.

"When they walk through and they see the headstones and say, 'Wow, this guy is a colonel in Custer's Calvary and he's buried here in Fort Sheridan. They realize quickly this is an honorable mission they're on. They were very, very humble about what they were doing, very professional about what they were doing," said Bissonette.

Once all the grave sites are digitally recorded and verified, Fort McCoy will continue to manage the cemetery.

The Army hopes to have the national online database available in 2014.