Officials at Fort McCoy are warning hunters to watch out for unexploded bombs this fall. 

Troops who train at the fort often use live artillery and mortar rounds. Randy Eddy, the fort's safety manager, said often unexploded ordnance (UXO) that people encountered has been buried for years and has worked its way to the surface during the spring when the ground is soft or during construction projects. 

"UXO is designed to explode and still has the capability to do so," Eddy said. "Never touch, move or disturb munitions." 

Eddy says if you see a UXO, you should practice the three R’s of explosive safety: recognize, retreat and report. If hunters spot an unexploded ordnance should leave it alone, mark the area if possible to warn others of potential danger and get out of the area by the same way he or she entered. 

Hunters should call the Fort McCoy Public Safety Center at (608) 388-2000 and report what they saw, where they saw it and if they were able to mark the area.  Hunters who encounter a marked or guarded location with UXO at Fort McCoy should avoid the site. People who find an UXO, call local law-enforcement.