Firefighters in Trempealeau were wearing pink Sunday afternoon.

The National Pink Heals tour made a stop Sunday. Pink Heals is a group of firefighters who travel the country to raise awareness and money in the fight against breast cancer.

The group also helps local communities, like Trempealeau, raise money for a charity of their choice.

The firefighters dress in all pink and they also drive in a pink fire truck that have names and stories of people who have battled cancer, or people who have lost a loved one to the disease.

"If you have a relative somewhere else in the United States they can come see where you signed, and if you're not anywhere near and your relatives come they can sign for you somewhere else, it's just an awesome thing," said Pink Heals Tour Driver John Rhyne.

If you'd like more information about the Pink Heals tour or how to support them you can go to the Pink Heals tour website.