Festival Foods now has grocery carts to make shopping easier for families who have children with special needs.

The “Caroline’s Carts” arrived at Festival Foods’ 19 stores last week. It is a shopping cart specifically designed for parents and caregivers with a way to transport a child with special needs throughout the store while grocery shopping.

The idea to have these carts came from a special request from a customer at the Festival Foods in Holmen.

“Every business decision we make is based on the question, ‘Will it bring the customer back?’” said Festival Foods President & CEO Mark Skogen. “We believe that providing these carts for our guests who need them was the right thing to do. It is important to us that we make the shopping experience enjoyable for the entire family."

Festival Foods is the second retailer in the U.S. to roll Caroline's Carts to all of their stores. The other retailer is a grocery chain in South Bend, Indiana.