The Education Dept.'s Federal Student Aid agency known as FAFSA faced serious Twitter backlash following an insensitive tweet that has since been removed.

On Tuesday, the agency tweeted a photo of Kristen Wiig from the movie "Bridesmaids" on an airplane and quoted her line from the movie: "Help me. I'm poor." The tweet itself said, "If this is you, then you better fill out your FAFSA."

The tweet was meant to raise awareness about the upcoming June 30 deadline for submitting applications, which determine eligibility for grants, loans and work-study.

However, many on Twitter attacked the agency for its insensitivity.

One Twitter user commented that FAFSA is "not really the agency that should be making poor jokes" while another noted "Being 'poor' is nothing to joke about, especially with the hardships people go through to go to school."

The tweet was deleted and the agency later tweeted an apology.