Last week Logan High School unveiled its new playing surface at Swanson Field.

But it wasn't the only place in the La Crosse School District with a new green space.

In this week's Eye Piece kids from Lincoln Middle School share their excitement for their own new green space.

"It was just concrete before,and concrete is not as appealing as grass or turf."

"It is definitely an improvement. Yeah, because now you won't get hurt as much. And like you can run and won't like slip if there is water and stuff. It will be harder for you to get hurt a lot too."

"You would always get hurt if you would run because our shoes would slip a lot easier."

"And I got hurt the other time when I like fell and I scraped my knee."

"I think it is pretty cool because um, it's grass, and I love playing soccer, its one of my favorite sports. So I usually play soccer and I can't play it on the concrete that much."

"I think it's like um, really hard work, and it's got to take a long time to do it."

"It's not real grass, but it's, a big step up."

"We like to just walk around at recess usually so its going to be nice so we actually have somewhere to sit when we want to."

"I, um, I was a little bit surprised that it was so nice."

"It's also a lot nicer looking than concrete."

"Turf is basically grass, but it's not really grass, but it works. And it's softer, you can lie down on it."

"I'm very grateful because its very nice and it probably brings a lot more people to the school because if there was a school that just had concrete, and there was another school that had turf, and a nice area to play on it might be a little more nice than the other school."

"People want to think of Lincoln as that really great school. And I think this helps with Lincoln middle schools image. Which is a good thing."

"I think it's cool."

The new turf was part of more than a million dollars in improvements to athletic facilities across the school district this year.

The money for the project came from grants, community donations, and the district's capital maintenance budget.