Tomorrow is the first home game of the season for UW-La Crosse Eagles football, which means the first on-field performance for the Screaming Eagles Marching Band.

For this week's Eye Piece, Photographer John Schmidt caught up with the band to show us how much work and planning goes into that first performance.

"We have 13 hour days from 8 in the morning to 9 at night and we just push on through learning this."

"We figured out how much time we put into the band camp and the preparation of it and then how much time we have in our season. And, it was really interesting, it came out that about 42 percent of the time in our whole season happens during band camp."

"We start with the basics on Monday, learn everything like the footwork, our stationary commands, stuff like that, and we kind of build on top of that as the week goes on.
So almost 50 percent of our season occurs in these two weeks. So that's why its really important to capitalize on that time and make the most of it. And, you know, once next week starts and they start with classes, they're going to be more distractions, where we've had them here really focused for two weeks and get the most out of that 42 percent preparation."

"This has been the most productive season that I have been a part of and maybe even ever. We finished our show within our week of band camp, which has never happened. So, they're super-hard workers and they're willing to learn and they're improving every single day."

"And, so they've learned about 50 different positions on the field in addition to learning how to play 30 songs. So, its been a busy week, but they've handled it very well."

In case you were wondering about some of the bands outfits, each section dressed in a different theme including super heroes and old pom pom uniforms.