Excessive use of technology among youth raising concerns

Excessive use of technology among...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The School District of Holmen is addressing a growing concern among youth.

The Instructional Technology Department at the school is showing a film called "Screenagers" Wednesday April 26 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

They're hoping to address the harmful consequences of the excessive use of technology among students.

They're also hoping to give parents some helpful tips.

In the digital age it's no surprise many people are plugged into their screens and tuned out of their surroundings.

The increased use of technology among youth is generating concern from parents, schools and hospitals.

"They're eyes are pointing at a screen, they're not noticing people in the environment around them. Those pieces are more concerning to me," said Child and Family Therapist Jeff Reiland.

He says it's not that he's against screens or the use of technology. In fact, there are benefits.

But he says it's the time being spent on screens that's becoming a problem.

In response to concerns, the School District of Holmen is offering  parents resources to help their children balance their screen time.

"To help them, to help them be smart, to help them manage their time, to help them be safe," said Erin Foster, library media director at Holmen High School.

Screenagers will address excessive use of technology.

Which Holmen students admit is becoming a dangerous habit.

"I could have been spending that time doing homework, but I was on social media."

"I think people get way too sucked in to social media sometimes."

And with more time on social media, Reiland says depression becomes prevalent.

"What people mostly put on Facebook is how wonderful their life is and when kids look at that wonderful life, and that's not their life, it can contribute to feelings of inadequacy or insecurity or I wish I had this or that and not realizing they don't have that skill set to realize this is just somebody's facade, their front their public self."

Holmen high school staff say there are nearly 2,000 computers at the school available for students.

Which they say increases screen time even more.

"It's scary that they have access to everything, 24/7, and so the fact that we're putting those things in their hands also means that we need to be responsible for those things as well," Foster said.


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