Everyday people were among those recognized Friday for outstanding service in La Crosse County.

As part of the annual Sheriff's Department awards, a pair of residents were honored for their quick, life-saving action.

One of those people is Justin Briski.

He was on his way home in West Salem from a church meeting when he saw a truck in a ditch. It turned out to be a driver having a heart attack.

Justin helped a fellow passerby perform C.P.R. until help arrived with an A.E.D.

He was humbled by the award. "I'm not one that seeks out appreciation, I just want to be the one that does it and walks away and forgets about it. I don't want to be recognized because I believe you're called to action and just want to walk away and know that you did a good deed and that's all," said Briski.

The sheriff also honored two jailers for saving separate inmate's lives, and six recently retired employees for more than 20 years of service.