Everyday Heroes

Nominating an Everyday Hero is a two-step process. Part 1 of the process (below) is the basic information about the nominee. For Part 2, please provide a picture of the Everyday Hero so it can be displayed on the Heroes Wall of Fame (located at Heroes Bar & Grill), the Everyday Heroes webpage on News8000.com and a congratulatory commercial to be aired on News 8.

Everyday Heroes receive:

- Special recognition event with friends and family
- A lifelong VIP discount card at Heroes Bar & Grill
- Heroes Wall of Fame recognition (at Heroes Bar & Grill)
- Recognition during News 8 at Noon
- A Heroes jersey

Part 1 - Basic Information

You can nominate a friend, neighbor, co-worker or relative who is an Everyday Hero. Fill out your contact info below, along with the name of your nominee and an essay describing why your nominee is an Everyday Hero.

In the essay, state how this person's actions were extraordinary and outstanding, and/or state how the individual's actions were heroic, and/or state how the nominee benefited or positively affected the lives of others.

After submitting the form below, you will be taken to Part 2, where you can upload a photo of your Everyday Hero.


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