Everyday Hero: Gary Simenson

Gary Simenson has been serving as a member of the Campbell Emergency Management Police Reserve Unit since 1967 and is currently the Director of Emergency Management. Throughout his years of service, Gary has been instrumental in the community's response to several major floods and his dedication has been exceptional.

During the flood of 2001, under Director Simenson's leadership, a breach in a levee on the south end of French Island was discovered and mitigated, that nearly damaged a neighborhood with 80 homes in it. Emergency Management officers reinforced the levee with sandbags and relocated a pump discharge hose that was washing the levee away. A potentially large disaster was quietly resolved by Director Simenson and the Campbell officers in the middle of the night while Islanders slept.

Gary has been a longtime mentor, helping to train many emergency services and law enforcement members who have gone on to develop professional careers serving in these areas throughout the state and country. Additionally, he is the secretary for the Campbell Fire Department, a position he stepped in to after his retirement from Trane.

Gary truly enjoys giving back to the community he's called home for over 63 years and that is why Heroes Bar and Grill and News 8 are pleased to recognize Gary Simenson as the May Everyday Hero!

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