Heavy rains this summer are causing the city of La Crosse to make some emergency repairs.

City officials say the ground underneath a stormwater pipe near East Avenue eroded about a week ago. The problem got worse after a rain storm early last week, which washed out about 60 feet of the pipe overnight.

The Board of Public Works declared the situation an emergency earlier this week, making extra funds available to fix the problem.

If the city didn't act quickly, there's a chance a large amount of land could have fallen into the Mississippi River.

"With the rains the way they've been, if we didn't repair this, basically it could eat its way all the way back to East Avenue," said La Crosse Wastewater Superintendent Jared Greeno. "So basically, it would create its own little bay to East Avenue."

Contractors have already worked to repair the pipe, but more permanent repairs to the area will be made once the river stage goes down.