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Tomah teacher still full of energy after 36 years on the job

TOMAH, Wis. - Even though she's been teaching for 36 years, Cindy Best is still full of energy. She is a 5th grade teacher at Lemonweir Elementary in Tomah.

"I'm close to retirement age but I like what I do. So it's fun coming to school everyday," said Best, the Top Notch Teacher for March.

Best says her favorite subject to teach is social studies because she can explain many of the topics using firsthand knowledge.

"We study the states and I've been to most of them and I like to tell them stories (including) being chased by buffalo at Teddy Roosevelt National Park," she said.

It's not just in the classroom, however, where Best is finding ways to connect with her students. She recently invited the entire grade to go to a high school basketball game with her. Needless to say, it was a hit with the kids.


Taylor Hennessey said she liked being able to "spend time with the class."

"She has the last name of Best. Coincidence maybe?" remarked Charlie Ella.

"I think it's important for kids to know you care about them. I think by taking a little bit of your time, you show them that you do care," said Best.

It's that extra effort that makes Cindy Best the Top Notch Teacher for March. She says her students continue to keep her motivated.

"I just like interacting everyday," said Best, with a smile on her face.

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