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HOLMEN, Wis. -- Sue Torris knows how to give her students something to chew on.

"You can all come get a gumball," Torris says during a writing assignment in her Sand Lake Elementary classroom. "Make sure you have a topic sentence. While you're writing this, you can blow the bubbles 'cause it might help remind you."

"I try to do things that the kids enjoy, and all kids enjoy different things, so I try different little projects," says Torris.

She's been teaching for 30 years, but her desire to help kids reaches back much further.

"I've always wanted to be a teacher ever since I was in second grade. That was just kind of my dream to be a help kids and work with them."

It's a dream she lives every day, now in her own second grade classroom.


"I love coming here working with the kids, working with the staff," Torris says.

She's spent 29 of her 30 years teaching at Holmen, where she's impacted many generations of students.

"I've had a lot of families as I go through," Torris says. "It's great to know the parents as you get the next child or the next child."

And despite the countless hours she spends finding unique ways for the kids to sharpen their skills, Torris only has one answer for what keeps her coming back everyday. "I love what I do."

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