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Those who know her use words like "enthusiastic" and "inspirational" to describe Marjorie Anderson.

"I wanted to do something to help people, so that's how I ended up, I guess, in education," said Marjorie Anderson, social studies teacher at Onalaska High School.

Marjorie Anderson knows that for some students, her classroom may be the only place they will ever hear about government. So she's reaching out to students and making sure her lessons are getting through. "This year I'm trying discussion sites online."

Mrs. Anderson's efforts along with her enthusiasm are making a difference.

Her students say, "She lets us have fun while learning." "Instead of just like notes and copying them down, she takes time to explain it and it's really helpful to us."

For nearly 20 years, Mrs. Anderson has been preparing students to become community leaders.

"I always hope students have a good understanding of what it means to be a citizen since I teach government. How to have discourse, discussion with other people. And to agree to disagree too civilly," said Mrs. Anderson.

But getting through to teenagers isn't without it's difficulties ,"Probably one of my challenges is to try to stay up with technology so I understand what's going on and how students are using it."

Parents and students notice the difference she is making, but Mrs. Anderson says she's the one who is grateful, "I just really enjoy my job and am really thankful that I kind of stumbled into education, because I think it's great and I love working with teenagers."

Students say, Mrs. Anderson has a way of making everyone in the class feel included.

They also say she takes extra time out of her day to help students with projects and assignments.

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