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SPARTA, Wis. -- Classes like AP Biology, Genetics and Anatomy & Physiology may sound intimidating to some high school students. But at Sparta High School several Juniors and Seniors are opting to take these courses because of who's teaching them.

While most students are rolling out of bed to get ready for school, Mrs. Kemp is already in the classroom.

"I actually try to come to school, I'm always here by 6:30, I try to be here by 6:00. I try to put in at least one hour after school everyday," said Donna Kemp.


And her time in the classroom isn't limited to weekdays. Mrs. Kemp says she asks a lot of her students, but in return she gives a lot.

AP Biology student Rachel Murnane said, "On the weekends sometimes to help her AP Biology students, which is our class, she will come in on the weekends and invite us to come in and have a study group because there is so much material to go over in this class. I don't ever remember a teacher ever doing that for students."

Mrs. Kemp has taught at Sparta High School for the past 18 years. During that time she climbed her way to head of the science department, but last year decided to give up that position for more time to do what she loves. "When you have experience in the classroom they want to use your expertise, else where, but what I really enjoy is being in here."

And students enjoy that time as well. "She can turn anybody into a top notch student. She is the most dedicated person to her career that I've ever seen. She's always here helping us and she always tries to get us to be better people inside the classroom and out," said AP Biology student Amanda Flock.

Having that kind of impact is what got Mrs. Kemp into the teaching profession and what keeps her in the classroom.

Mrs. Kemp says helping students get the grade they didn't think was possible makes all her long hours worth it.

We should mention she does take off Saturdays to spend time with family.

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