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August Top Notch Teacher

LA CROSSE, Wis. -- To his students, John White is more than just a teacher.

White, a special education teacher at Central High School, acts as a student mentor to help give his 23 students extra guidance throughout high school.

"I've got students that are A, or B students and self-directed and self-motivated, but they do have either a math or a reading or a writing disability," White says. "And they've worked hard to overcome that, but it's still there."

"I always have to know where they're at with their learning, including their grades, their graduation requirements, their skills, their study skills, their life skills and all those things," White says.

It's this type of support and guidance that has inspired his students to declare him a top notch teacher.


"He's pretty much the poster child for a good teacher," says Central junior Matt Clark.

Clark nominated Mr. White to be the August Top Notch Teacher. As one of his students, Matt feels Mr. White is one of the hardest working teachers in school.

"He never gives up on his students," Clark says. "He always tries to make the student do their best."

"With them it's kind of like being a coach on an all-star team," White says. "It's like we get together. I give them some things that they can work on, and they're the type to actually run with it.

Clark says Mr. White is always running the extra mile.

"I think this job is extremely important and I put everything I've got into it," White says. "And to have one of my students actually recognize that and say 'I think Mr. White is doing a good job,' I appreciate that. There has never been a day when I didn't leave here thinking that this was the best job in the world...not once."

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