Students Making a Difference: Thrift Store Volunteer

WINONA, Minn. -- When you think of a teenager, the word volunteer isn't probably the first thing that comes to mind. But for this month's student making a difference, volunteering has become a way of life.

For nearly 5 years now, 16-year-old Theo Swagger has been giving his time at the Grace Place Market Square Thrift store in Winona.

Theo is homeschooled but he volunteers almost every week. He does everything from receiving donations and working the cash register to more recently, cleaning up the store at night and setting it up for the next day.


Theo says it just seems like the right thing to do. "It was part of my academic requirements at first, but after a while, it just seemed really fun to help the community, just to help the people of Winona to sell the product and all of the stuff," says Theo.

Theo says he doesn't volunteer for the recognition so he didn't expect it when he got word that he was being awarded this month's Student Making a Difference.  Theo says, "it's really surprising to me because I didn't feel like I earned it, but it's just a big surprise to me that I got it."

Theo says he's even thinking about using his volunteering in the future maybe as a volunteer firefighter.

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