More than 80 suggestions for new La Crosse elementary school name

La Crosse School Board could decide on name by mid-November

LA CROSSE, WI - The School District of La Crosse received more than 80 submissions from the public who shared their ideas of what to name of the city's new elementary school.  

Two of the more popular were Northside Elementary and Logan Elementary, but Superintendent Randy Nelson said there were many others. 

"Rustic River Elementary; Margaret Miller Elementary was another one. Also, Ray Bice Elementary came through pretty popular, as well as George Poge Elementary. So those are some of the more popular ones that came through," Nelson said. 

A list of names will be given to a group of Northside parents and residents to get their input. The list will then be narrowed down to three names and pass that along to the La Crosse School Board. The School Board could decide on a name by mid-November.


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