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Graduating into the Workforce

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The newest report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) said employers think the market looks good for 2014 college grads.

More than 400 students from Viterbo University walk across the stage Saturday, received their diploma and step off stage into the next chapter of their lives. For Samantha Weaver that step is a job.

"I'm working part time for touch of class downtown as their marketing coordinator," Weaver said.

However, Weaver said not all of her friends are as lucky.

"I'd say it's 50/50 right now," she said.

"It would be an over statement to say the job market is robust, it's not," Anne Ellefson, career specialist at Viterbo University's Career Services, said.

Last year, the NACE reported only 2.1 percent of college graduates would be hired after graduation.This year numbers are up, expecting 8.6 percent of grads to enter the job market. But that number often depends on a graduate's major.

"We tend to think of it as one job market, but when you work with students with different majors and different fields, there's a bunch of different job markets out there," Ellefson said.

Ellefson said she's seen steady improvements over the past few years in the job outlook, especially in the Coulee Region.

"We've always had really strong markets in health care, the nursing (and) dietetics, our business department has done well," Ellefson said.

Weaver begins her job just a few days after graduation and feels she's one of the lucky ones.

"I'm excited. Definitely excited," she said.

Weaver said networking and internships helped her to find a job so that is the advice she's giving to anyone else, still trying to find a place in the workforce.

According to the NACE, employers say they're most interested in business, engineering and computer science majors.

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