Fitness gauntlet aims to teach kids good health and exercise habits

LA CROSSE, Wis. - It's an opportunity for local kids to take part in a March Madness event of their own.

Saturday, dozens of kids took part in a Fitness Challenge Gauntlet at Martial Arts America in La Crosse.

The event was geared toward helping kids develop good health and exercise habits at an early age.

Participants rotated through 10 different stations, working on everything from push-ups to karate moves.

Instructors sayid getting kids into the habit of exercising and taking care of their bodies could help them perform better in school.

"A strong body leads to a strong mind," said William Cornell, chief instructor at Martial Arts America. "So someone that feels that they can perform a certain number of exercises or if they know their body is strong, that translates to better confidence when they're at school. So, they know they have something to feel good about."

This was the first year for the fitness gauntlet.


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