Assignment: Education

Assignment: Education - Student volunteers provide pet houses

Community service project provides pets with...

Assignment: Education - Student volunteers provide pet houses

DESOTO, Wis. (WKBT) - Shelter is a basic need for most living creatures. Some will argue finding a place to call home is just as important.

Students at DeSoto High School are volunteering their time to help provide shelters to dogs in need.

“The calls for animals not properly sheltered will be increasing because of the inclement weather and the snow and the ice and the cold temperatures,” said Vernon County Sheriff John Spears.

The students are also hoping to help pet owners who may have lost their dog house during the September flooding in parts of Vernon County.

“A lot of people lost everything,” said Evan Hundt, a DeSoto High School sophomore.

The technology education teacher at DeSoto High School has become the architect of a plan to help student volunteers meet the needs of the community.

“We donate our time to build these dog houses for the community and the Humane Society,” said Hundt.

“They (Vernon County Humane Society) have the ‘Adopt a Dog Get a Kennel’ program,” said Ryan Lagerman, DeSoto High School senior. “It influences people taking larger dogs out of the pound.”

For the dogs that have owners but no shelter, the students are partnering with the Sheriff's Department to help find families in need.

“Our community has been through a lot,” said Lagerman. “There's just people that need the help, and giving it to them is... there's no other feeling like it.”

“If there's anybody in need of a dog house, we're going to keep some on hand so that they're able to contact us and they can come pick one up for free,” said DeSoto High School Technology Education teacher Daron Fuglsang.

“This is a really nice thing to offer people, that they have something to turn to that they can get and provide a shelter fairly quickly,” said Spears.

A shelter that provides these animals a shelter from the storm.

DeSoto High School requires all students to complete 20 hours of community service before graduation. The students have built 10 houses for the project so far.

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