Assignment: Education

Assignment: Education - Cooking Club

Area students use class lessons in real-world

Assignment: Education - Cooking Club

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Aprons and soap are replacing pencils and paper during this class lesson.

Ms. Gudgeon is showing these 4th and 5th graders at Spence Elementary School in La Crosse how to make Turkey Tetrazzini, but that's not all she's got cooking.

“My friends have been telling me how fun it is,” said Hanna Swanson, Spence Elementary School 4th grader.

Ms. Gudgeon is mixing fun with an important life skill to attract kids to join Cooking Club.

“I saw a kid in the hall last week, and I said you should join cooking club. You should sign up,” said Katie Gudgeon, Spence Elementary School 5th grade teacher. “And they're like... ‘oh I don't do that kind of stuff’... already at 4th grade. It broke my heart. I was just like...’ oh but you could.’”

Ms. Gudgeon wants more students to view themselves as joiners.

“I'm hoping to get kids into that extracurricular experience and be successful, and have enriching experiences,” said Gudgeon.

Cooking is an example of that.

“We practice a lot of fractions,” said Lucy Franklin, Spence Elementary School 5th grade student.

“Last week we doubled the recipe,” said Gudgeon. “So, we were multiplying fractions which is what we're doing right now in 5th grade.”

“It's an authentic reading experience,” said Gudgeon. “You're figuring out words; figuring out abbreviations.”

And with the smell of food wafting under their noses, these students don't mind when Ms. Gudgeon tries to dish up a lesson in reading a math.

“It's kind of obvious,” said Franklin. “Like when she's like... ‘what is that?’ It's like, you're trying to get us to practice this aren't you?”

A fact that's easy for these kids to swallow.

“Kids don't care what you know until they know how much you care,” said Gudgeon.

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