The fresh snow blanketing much of Wisconsin has snowmobile dealers in a good mood.

2Brothers Powersports in Onalaska says the early snowfall sets the tone for the rest of the year.

There isn't enough in the La Crosse area to ride yet, but it gets people in the mood to buy a snowmobile or upgrade what they have.

There is also snow up North so people are traveling to find open trails.

2Brothers says they're starting off strong this season after ending strong last season. "Last year, actually, the end of the season was great for us, there was snow in April, March and April, guys were still riding, so we kind of cleaned our inventory out last year and we started fresh this year," said 2Brothers Sales Manager Jason Wucki.

Wisconsin ranks second in the country in snowmobile registrations with nearly 225,000 behind only Minnesota with nearly 252,000.