Drivers, homeowners react to Losey Boulevard changes

Drivers, homeowners react to Losey...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Those who drive along Losey Boulevard should expect to see some changes in the next few weeks.

As News 8 first reported Thursday night, the city council voted 9-2 to lower the speed limit on Losey from 30 to 25 miles per hour.

Those who frequently drive on the road and those who live on it, had some varying opinions.

"I think it's ridiculous to have them change it back down to 25 miles an hour," one driver said.

"I think that 25 should be increased to 30 everywhere," said another driver.

For those who live on Losey Boulevard, the speed limit is a familiar topic.

Jeremy Burkart  who's lived in his house on Losey Boulevard for 16 years, says drivers go well above 30 on that road.

He says most people drive about 38 to 40 miles per hour on that road.

Burkart says he's ready for changes on Losey Boulevard and reducing the speed limit is a good start.

 "It's just too fast, I mean I have a child, I have a pet and when you try to cross the street you know if you're not in a controlled intersection, then it's just dangerous."

Unless the speed limit is actually enforced, Burkart says he's not sure what difference it will make, but he's hoping drivers will at least start to slow down.

Especially big trucks.

Some are worried the changes might lead to slower traffic, while others, not so much.

"No, they're still going to go 35."

However Burkart says anything to get rid of some of the noise and improve safety, isn't a bad idea.

"It's just noisy, the street already gets a lot of traffic as it is, heavy trucks, you know motorcycles, cars."

There are plans to repave parts of Losey Boulevard to help reduce vibrations and slow down traffic but funding for improvements is still being discussed.

Improvement plans would be a part of the 2018 Capital Improvement Budget.


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