Police say eight people were hurt when a deck collapsed at an apartment building on West Mark Street in Winona.

Sgt. Kevin Kearney says four people were transported to a hospital Saturday afternoon and others went to there on their own. Kearney says it's not clear how many people were on the second-story deck when it gave way.

Winona Health says of eight people treated there, one was transferred to another facility for a higher level of care.


A deck collapse in Winona sends multiple people to the hospital.

The Winona Fire Department said at about 1:30 p.m. Saturday, it received a call that a deck collapsed at a building on West Mark Street.

The department isn't confirming how many people were injured or how severe their injuries were.

The deck was about a story off the ground.

A Winona state student who was in the apartment underneath the deck said she heard a loud crack and went outside to see what happened.

"I was in shock watching it because you don't expect a deck with people, I mean everyone's having fun, it's homecoming, everyone's out here having a good time seeing each other and then you look outside and people are falling to the ground on a deck," said Winona State Junior Melissa Hurley.

Hurley said about 5 or 6 people were on the deck when it fell.