DAV receives $500 donation

DAV receives $500 donation

LA CROSSE, WIs. (WKBT) - The La Crosse Navy League donated $500 to the Disabled American Veterans Saturday.

The donation was given at the annual ' Old Salts' picnic,  where those who have served in the navy or armed services get together.

The donation will help the DAV purchase a new van,  transport Veterans to and from doctor’s appointments.

"We're a citizens organization to help support families of those who have served in our military and particularly our sea services, and so one of our missions is to help support veterans and families. So this is an opportunity for us for our efforts throughout the year and our fundraising to be able to do some of that,”  said Bob Marconi, president of the La Crosse Navy League.

Larry Hill, adjutant for the Wisconsin DAV said the support from the Navy League will go a long ways.

" I think the veteran community itself and the support, and the support we give to veterans, such as we're receiving today from the Navy league. It's tremendous and it speaks for everyone here in the la crosse community," Hill said.

This is not the first year the La Crosse Navy League has donated to a cause, they donated $500 to the U.S. Naval Sea Cadets last year.

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