Damage Assessment over $8M from last week's storms

The Wisconsin Emergency Operations Center released a report of damage to area infrastructure from last week's storms.

Jackson - $18,000
La Crosse County - $1,055,000
Monroe County - $1,418,500
Pepin County - $20,000
Richland County- $188,000
Trempealeau County - $300,000

According to the report, La Crosse County had 10 businesses with minor damage, Monroe County had 2 businesses with minor damage and Trempealeau County had 4 businesses with major and 6 businesses with minor damage.

The report also noted damage to area homes: 

Jackson County - 1 home affected

La Crosse County - 60 homes affected

Monroe County - 56 homes affected

Richland County - 10 homes affected

Trempealeau County - 55 homes affected

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