Dae Miles

1. Why do you want to be mayor?

I want to be mayor to advance fundamental issues of equality, so I can have a good life along with everybody else. If a community is equal as it grows, all prosper. If we have good city services and schools, then children do not burn in a fire, then each family can have a home, then we can all prosper together.

2. What experience do you have that makes you qualified to be mayor?

West Salem High School student council President, I learned that you delegate projects as much as you can then do the rest yourself. A lifetime of working on issues like transit recycling solar insulation gardens jobs with good wages. Search my name to see 30 years of letters and videos.

I have made hundreds of video webpages, and thousands of video clips of public meetings parades bands nature to promote local business and preserve nature.


3. What will be your top three priorities for the City of La Crosse if you're elected mayor?

My 3 priorities as a mayor are transportation, energy, and education.

Transportation; whole long range plan for rail transit bicycle road river sidewalk water internet public transportations of all types coordinating to benefit all the people. No more tearing down homes for tax free parking lots or expensive parking ramps for a few.

La Crosse is a regional rail hub so any national rail changes will impact rail facilities here in La Crosse but more importantly encourages us to do early planning for rail potential for our city to meet our intermodal connection needs in the future. Get off the train, get on a bus, jump on a bicycle. 

My first transportation issue is to change our slow zig-zag bus system into fast express bus on main roads meeting with neighborhood university and downtown vans. The monthly bus card can include bicycle rental at the main bus stops.

The downtown 5 minute vans will bring business to 5th Avenue especially, but all of downtown just a 5 minute van from the Grand River Station. Good transportation options for all instead of more ramps and T.I.F.s for a few.

I approve of the city pedestrian/bicycle plan, university bicycle business to downtown on Kin street bicycle boulevard.

Energy; instant jobs insulating home, business, and public buildings. Years of jobs installing solar panels. Coordinate energy information showing business and homeowners how to earn money from solar panels. (also renters with agreement between a building owner and renter) Promote solar research at university and training at tech school and early education in energy issues and local services. Electric utility poles need to be safety checked again, this is a big safety issue.

Education; directly and indirectly promote education for all. Promote school field trips to nature and business to inspire kids to protect our parks and see examples if they want to start their own business. Inventory seniors on skills and knowledge for mentoring, present the senior resource list to all teachers, involve students with smartphone videoconferencing between seniors and teachers. I encourage every family to grow a garden every year, to preserve and store food, teach every child basic growing building and business skills. Teaching everybody including kids how to make a quick and complete 911 call. Kids should know their own address. A program to sew reflective tape on kids winter jackets. I will push for full funding of education.

4. What are your long-term goals for the City of La Crosse?

My long range goals for La Crosse is connections by intercity railroad, secure Land Grant School funding, increasing homeownership, and the best city parks trails marshes bluffs walks and habitat in the world. To plant lots of local trees and extra trees to replace the infected Ash trees. Pine trees to block winter wind, and heritage apple trees.

5. The current mayor and the City Council have had disagreements about several city issues lately. If elected mayor, what will you do to work with the City Council?

I have always been able to learn from people, I talk to everybody to present my ideas and refine the plan from what I learn along the way. I have done a good job of presenting whole issues, transit reduces traffic, insulate your home to save on fuel, schools now instead of jails later, local solar now or huge dangerous power lines (I am against Wisconsin paying for Dakota coal power transported electricity to Chicago and east.)

To present whole issues, listen to all sides, present alternatives. To present solid solutions, and keep at it, instead of just vetos.

6. How will you balance the city budget?

Invest now into superinsulating public buildings to cut annual fuel costs in half or more, for example; budget half of the fuel budget for 3 years to super-insulate now, then earn that back in less than one term, invest the savings into further improvements. Cut road costs by investing in transit and bicycles to reduce traffic, invest that savings in more bicycles and transit for further reduction in traffic accidents and pollution. Invest now in the best police and fire equipment and training for less loss of property and lives, a house fire or violence is very expensive making every up front investment worth it many times over. Crime prevention and cops on the beat interacting with the public, saves money in the long run.

7. Are you in favor of raising property taxes?

Property tax: The present property tax is too high on business and homeowners, and to low on vacant business locations. First and easiest step is to not tax any insulation upgrades or solar installation. For instant jobs and long term savings. I will do all I can to enable business and homeowners to make energy improvements with information legislation and training of people to make the improvements. I would ask my staff to gather all the information on energy policy so I could help business and homeowners 

Public transit and bicycles reduce traffic costs for roads and eliminate any need to destroy more homes for tax free parking lots. I encourage all institutions especially churches to turn away from wasting money buying up homes to tear down for a low use like parking. - When it comes to incentives like a discount off property taxes for actively involving in extra detailed fire inspections, I am all for a discount for homeowners helpfulness, instead of a penalty for non-compliance. Just one home saved by good fire safety measures can save the department a lot of money. 

8. How long have you lived in La Crosse?

I grew up in West Salem, then 3 years at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, 32 years in Fairbanks Alaska visiting family in La Crosse every other year while helping local candidates and working on various issues. I have been very active in many good issues for the last 5 years since returning to La Crosse.

9. What do you like most and least about living in La Crosse?

I love to run my husky dogs on the marsh trails. I love all the world class parks and trails rivers bluffs and all the healthy active people. I like how local business and musicians enjoy when I videotape to upload to youtube. I have made hundreds of video sharing webpages, and uploaded thousands of videoclips of La Crosse music and events to promote local business.

I hate seeing homes destroyed for tax free parking lots.

I hate seeing potholes half fixed over and over instead on packing it down flat to make it last.

(A tiny bit of extra time to fix potholes right will save money on redoing it and save wear on vehicles. potholes not packed down, they just toss asphalt in and let cars spatter it down then there is dips then water collects freeze thaw and blast it out, to be half-fixed again and again, instead of packing it level and tossing a handful of sand to seal the top, so it will last long on the roads we have made, a few scant extra moments will save money)

10. Tell us about your family.

I have devoted my life to public service and for the good of all children. My father lives here and I continue to talk with him on all important issues in my life. I brought my husky dogs Kodiak and Icycle back from Alaska, we run the trails and visit children every day. Carla is my girlfriend and political editor and best friend, we all spend a lot of time at Myrick park and Hixon forest, I hope to make her my wife.

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