Crisis in Syria: What you need to know

Published On: Sep 09 2013 01:22:19 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 10 2013 12:29:10 AM CDT

As the U.S. considers a military strike in Syria, take a look at some of the key things to know about the conflict and the country.

UN chemical weapons experts, Syria
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Khaled al-Harir/Reuters

Violence has hindered outside peace-keeping groups. On June 13, 2012, the U.N. Security Council has authorized up to 300 unarmed military observers for a 90-day mission in Syria, but the mission ended three days later due to intensifying violence. A team of U.N. weapons inspectors that arrived in Syria in August 2013 to begin an investigation into whether chemical weapons have been used during the civil war was fired on, but the team was able to complete its mission.

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