Craig Nestor

1. Why do you want to be mayor?

Presently our City suffers from lack of transparency, scrutiny, accountability, and proper management. I have the skills and experience to bring lacrosse up to speed and change the way we do business.

2. What experience do you have that makes you qualified to be mayor?

I was Vice President of Operations of a Company who either operated or set up a Home/Commercial Energy Consultation Program for Utility Companies. After the Federal government mandated a program be available to their customers. I was invited to speak and conduct Seminars for the Convention of REC/REA's in our Country twice. I also was President of a local Construction Company for over three decades in the Lacrosse Area. My background is one of organization, and training to work efficiently and well as a group .


3. What will be your top three priorities for the City of La Crosse if you're elected mayor?

1- A new Bookkeeping System. One that it will be able to within a couple clicks of a mouse print out an itemized total, accurate cost for any chosen project or program.

2- Layout new Job Description for Department Heads, and then follow up with Performance Reviews.

3- Curtail major Expenditures in the City of lacrosse with an "emergency tail' tied to it. At least 1 month full cycle for that resolution, contract or plans to be in the Taxpayers, Elected Officials of this City hands before voting. No more Blind Voting on Tens of millions of Taxpayer Dollars.

4. What are your long-term goals for the City of La Crosse?

Transparency, proper scrutiny, accountability, and capable cost effective investment of Taxpayer Dollars.

5. The current mayor and the City Council have had disagreements about several city issues lately. If elected mayor, what will you do to work with the City Council?

Your statement is incorrect. It should be ‘some of the Council' has had disagreements with the Mayor. Disagreements are good and shold be expected. We have a system set up and we should follow it to the T. I would although push for Roberts Rules Seminars for all Elected Officials and Department Heads by our very own local Robert Rules Professional Robert Monk.

6. How will you balance the city budget?

I have a firm belief that transparency and accurate new Bookkeeping Software will help bring us to a balanced Budget.

7. Are you in favor of raising property taxes?

No, and we should also quit dreaming up fees, licenses, and permits to make more taxpayer cash flow.

8. How long have you lived in La Crosse?

In the area since 1977.

9. What do you like most and least about living in La Crosse?

Most- The geographic beauty.

Least- The covert behind closed doors fashion in which our City Hall operates all too often.

10. Tell us about your family.

I have one son who attends Aquinas, and has been accepted to St. Thomas University next year

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