A court reporter was fired after repeatedly typing, "I hate my job, I hate my job" as well as random characters instead of criminal trial dialogue.

The New York Times reports that Daniel Kochanski, a stenographer with the State Supreme Court in Manhattan, was accused of compromising the integrity of more than 30 court transcripts, which could have serious consequences, such as overturned convictions.

Kochanski's mistakes resulted in incomplete record of at least six trials and two dozen other proceedings, creating delays and legal hurdles for prosecutors and lawyers trying to argue appeals, court administration officials said.

Kochanski told the New York Post that he was not let go because of sloppy work, but because of substance abuse.

It is unclear how the court reporter was able to write gibberish on so many transcripts without being caught after the first one. flub so many court transcripts without being caught and reprimanded after the first one.