A meal program that feeds some of the most vulnerable in our area is in danger of being cut.   

La Crosse County's aging unit cooks warm meals, and delivers them to seniors during the week.

Directors say the meal delivery helps the elderly stay in their own homes, and out of assisted living homes.

This year, the program lost 30-thousand dollars as a result of the government sequester.

Congress's newest budget deal re-instates *some* of that funding - but directors say it's not nearly enough to feed more seniors, as demand for the program rises.  

"As a community, as a society, we need to decide - do we want to help older people stay at home? I think resoundingly we have to say yes,” said Noreen Holmes, director of La Crosse County Aging Unit.

Program directors are asking people to give their legislators a call, and tell them to support more funding for the Older Americans Act.

That's the legislation that pays for meal programs like La Crosse County's.