Coulee Coffee 4/18/08


Onalaska resident Trevor Hall has always been a bit of a coffee conesiour. "It started as a hobby in the home a few years ago. I've always loved coffee." But lately his hobby has evolved. Initially Trevor bought and roasted his own coffee beans at home,trying to create unique and better taste. And the more time he spent, the better and better his coffee became. Even his friends started noticing. "They said 'this is really good. You should sell this.'"

And so last fall, Trevor launched 'Coulee Coffee .' He offers 9 different varieties all with a Coulee Region twist. "We have a Grandad Bluff blend, a Skyrockers Blend and an Oktoberfest Dark Roast. By tying those into the community people are really identifying with them"

But look closely at the package and you'll see the real reason behind this new venture. Turns out, it has nothing to do with coffee at all. "My wife was diagnosed when she was 19. When I met her at 24, she was already in a wheel chair."

Multiple Sclerosis is a disorder of the nervous system. Over time it affects a person's ability to move and feel and over the last 10 years, Trevor has watched his wife Nicole's body slowly loose function. "It's tough. I've told her before, it's not just her MS, it's our MS. We're battling this thing together and there are days when it's tough - but there's a lot of good days too."

It's this struggle that has become the foundation of Coulee Coffee . "We really determined that we wanted to do something for MS research and that we wanted that to be the focus of our company. We came up with the slogan 'Roasting for a Cure.' So for every single bag of coffee and tea, a portion of the proceeds will go to the National MS Society and it will support research and community advocacy programs."

What started as a hobby has turned into a mission. "So that hopefully down the road, people won't have to deal with MS anymore."

Coulee Coffee is available at several locations around the area including 'Festival Foods', 'Peaberry's', 'You Bake' and 'Edna's Edible Images'. If you'd like to order online, check out their website at

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