Conservation Corps Working Locally to Halt Oriental Bittersweet

WINONA, MN (WKBT) - Crews will be working this month to eradicate an invasive aggressive plant in Winona County.

Crews from Conservation Corps Minnesota (CCM) will be working throughout the month of August to eradicate invasive Oriental Bittersweet from woodlots and forests. Not to be confused with the native American Bittersweet, the fast-growing invasive Oriental Bittersweet can quickly overtake entire hillsides, strangling trees and making woodlands impassable for hiking and hunting.

Winona County is working closely with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) and the Corps in an attempt to control the infestation of this aggressive plant which has taken hold in Wilson and Homer Townships, and in developments on the outskirts of the City of Winona.

Although it is the responsibility of property owners to remove invasives like Oriental Bittersweet along with noxious weeds on their property, sometimes extra help in hot spots is available from Conservation Corps

Do-it-yourselfers should pull or dig up plants being careful in fall not to spread the seeds. Alternatively, you can cut the woody vine stems and apply herbicide (such as glyphosate or triclopyr) to the cut stem and monitor it the next season for regrowth from below.

For more information and how to identify Oriental Bittersweet go to

If you do find Oriental Bittersweet, alert the MDA via or by calling
888.545-6684 or the Winona County Sustainability Planning staff at 507-457-6468.

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