Opinion: Why GOP going after Social Security

Social Security is often described as "the third rail of American politics" -- touch it and you'll get zapped.

So why do Republicans keep sidling up to it and…

The Miss Universe winner is ...

At this year's Miss Universe pageant, a loss may have overshadowed the win.

While Miss Colombia, 22-year-old student Paulina Vega, took home the crown in Miami…

Disney launches 'Frozen' cruise



Disney is launching a special cruise for those fans who just couldn't get enough of "Frozen."

U.S.-based Bitcoin exchange set to open

The first U.S.-based Bitcoin exchange is due to open Monday, backed by several major financial heavyweights.

Coinbase has raised $106 million to fund its…

Opinion: A North American Passport?

The future of the United States lies in North America. This is not a geographic truism, but a strategic imperative. Generations of Americans, distracted by…

City by city in the blizzard of 2015

The first major snowstorm of 2015 is expected to hit the Northeastern United States on Monday afternoon. Here's what's expected in three major cities.


Zelizer: How Obama will be on 2016 ballot

What can President Barack Obama realistically do in his final two years? Beyond executive action, his power to impact public policy is limited.

Pundits can…

Girl sought in $4.6M diamond heist


Wikimedia Commons/Mario Sarto

Police are on the hunt for a girl as young as 12 and three adults allegedly involved in a $4.6-million diamond heist that targeted a luxury jewelry store in…

5 takeaways from Rubio, Cruz, Paul panel

Three likely presidential candidates shared the stage Sunday night before a roomful of wealthy donors, engaging in a rapid-fire policy discussion that…

'Historic' storm bears down on the Northeast

Winter storm NY am

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Someday you may tell your grandchildren about the Blizzard of 2015.

The National Weather Service, which isn't prone to exaggeration, is using terms like "…

To avoid Sony's fate, companies play war games

Shall we play a game?

The suits at the PricewaterhouseCoopers consulting firm have figured out how to convince their corporate clients to take cybersecurity…

Secret Service investigating small drone

The U.S. Secret Service is investigating a "device," described as a small drone, found on the grounds of the White House, a White House official said Monday,…

Wawrinka's great escape, Serena rallies

Serena Williams Australia wins


At the 1994 U.S. Open, John McEnroe said he would commentate on his head if Jan Siemerink won a fourth-set tiebreak after falling behind 6-0 to fellow Dutchman…

'Device' found on White House grounds

White House

Emily Schultze/CNN

The Secret Service is investigating a "device," described as a small drone, found on the grounds of the White House, Press Secretary Josh Earnest said early…

Northeast blizzard: What you need to know if you're traveling

American Airlines generic

The Northeast is bracing for a storm that could throw off travel plans not only on the east coast, but around the nation.

A potentially "historic and…

#Blizzardof2015: Lots of snow -- and jokes

The blizzard isn't just making waves in the Northeast; it's generating buzz on social media, too.

The hashtag #blizzardof2015 was trending nationwide as…

Why everyone is so rattled over Iran

President Barack Obama delivered a bold and blunt message during his State of the Union address to members of Congress looking to hang new sanctions over…

"I thought life would be better after the recession. Not worse."

--John Smith, unemployed construction worker

"These amendments may very likely duck the House's specific definition of what constitutes an earmark, but that doesn't mean it's not pork.

--Leslie Paige of Citizens Against Government Waste

"Folks are beyond homeless here. Their homes don't exist ... the power and destruction here was unimaginable."

--Missouri Gov. Jay Dixon following a devastating tornado that killed more than 150 people.

""There's a lot of things happening that can change the dynamic of this race from the past. So it will certainly be interesting to see."

--former Indianapolis 500 winner Helio Castroneve on the Indy 500.

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