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FAQ: DISH removes access to WKBT-TV

Negotiation Update: DISH refused our most recent offer to extend negotiations and DISH has removed WKBT-TV from the DISH system.

Australian in Iraq pleads to go home

An Australian man of Kurdish origin is begging his government for a passport or temporary travel document to help him flee a refugee camp in Iraq besieged by…

Stress at work is as bad as secondhand smoke

Business suit and tie


Workplace stress isn't just annoying -- it's as bad for your health as secondhand smoke, according to a new study by researchers at Harvard Business School and…

Video might hold clue to Ill. officer's killing

Joe Gliniewicz

Lake County Sheriff's Office via CNN

Police may soon have "significant" evidence to announce in this week's killing of an Illinois police officer, including footage from a home security video…

5 things to know for your New Day

A Syrian toddler becomes the symbol of an international crisis. A federal Judge locks up a Kentucky clerk. And Donald Trump takes the pledge.

It's Friday and…

Woolly sheep doesn't look like this now

wooly sheep

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals via CNN

An Australian champion sheep shearer has set an unofficial world record after clipping a sheep that had become so overgrown its life was endangered.


Pygmy killer whales stranded in bayou

A discovery in a Mississippi bayou is giving scientists a glimpse into a rarely-seen marine species.

Attracted to the telltale "swoosh" sound of a blowhole, a…

China parade shows off missile advances

China military missiles

Jason Lee - Pool/Getty Images

The neat rows of clearly marked missile systems that wound their way through Beijing Thursday as part of a massive military parade underscore the rapid…

Judge to Kim Davis: You're staying jailed

For the first time since the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in June, same-sex couples in Rowan County, Kentucky, will be able to pick up marriage…

At least 17 die after boat sinks off Malaysia

Map of Malaysia

CIA via wikimedia

At least 17 people have drowned and dozens more remain missing after a boat carrying up to 80 people capsized off the coast of western Malaysia on Thursday…

Fact check: Trump misstates piece of Iran deal

Trump frowning debate

Fox News

Real estate mogul Donald Trump is known for bragging about his ability to negotiate, and he has been hitting President Barack Obama hard over the Iran nuclear…

Blue sky vanishes after Beijing's big parade

Well, that was quick.

Less than 24 hours after the end of China's massive military parade, Beijing is back to its usual smoggy self.

Residents woke up Friday…

In 2016, Ted Cruz dreams of a 2012 replay

Ted Cruz

From Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate

Ted Cruz's team thinks they already beat Jeb Bush -- three years ago.

That's when Cruz, a young lawyer with a thin resume but political talent, elbowed his way…

Trump slams questions about terror leaders

Trump in Alabama CNN


Donald Trump said Thursday he believes getting asked about the heads of major terrorist organizations amounts to a "gotcha question."

Trump, the front-runner…

What's behind Malaysia's '1MDB' scandal?

Malaysia's Prime Minister, Najib Razak, is being buffeted by accusations of financial impropriety and noisy, angry protests calling for his ouster. The claims…

Migrant crisis: Europe distraught, divided

Migrants to Europe

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

"These are not 'quotas,' they are human lives."

That was one sentence in a Facebook post by the mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, protesting what she described as…

The man who dresses Beyonce

Beyonce wears Mensah


Samuel Mensah had the world at his feet. An economist by trade, he was the director of an international investment fund as well as an adviser to the African…

Dreams, wings unfold with 777X airliner

Boeing 777-9X

Boeing Co. via CNN

Big rumblings are going on at America's airplane capital -- the Boeing Co. aircraft factory north of Seattle.

Engineers are moving forward with building the…

"I thought life would be better after the recession. Not worse."

--John Smith, unemployed construction worker

"These amendments may very likely duck the House's specific definition of what constitutes an earmark, but that doesn't mean it's not pork.

--Leslie Paige of Citizens Against Government Waste

"Folks are beyond homeless here. Their homes don't exist ... the power and destruction here was unimaginable."

--Missouri Gov. Jay Dixon following a devastating tornado that killed more than 150 people.

""There's a lot of things happening that can change the dynamic of this race from the past. So it will certainly be interesting to see."

--former Indianapolis 500 winner Helio Castroneve on the Indy 500.

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