Americans just aren't spending

Consumer spending is often called an engine of the United States economy. That engine may be about to blow a gasket. Consumers are sitting on their wallets.


#TIDALforALL: Musicians rally around Jay Z's new streaming music service

You can thank Jay Z if Twitter seems a bit more blue on Monday.

Musicians from Kanye West to Coldplay have turned their Twitter avatars blue to bring attention…

2 ex-federal agents charged in Bitcoin theft

The federal government became owners of one of the biggest troves of Bitcoin, thanks to seizing millions of dollars in the digital currency from criminals…

Iran nuclear talks: What they are discussing

American diplomats are in the final stretch of negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program.

World powers, including the United States, want to curb Iran's…

One who tried to ram NSA gate shot dead

NSA, National Security Agency


Two people tried to ram the main gate to enter the headquarters of the National Security Agency at Fort Meade, Maryland on Monday, according to a federal law…

Calm urged after poll violence in Nigeria

Violent protests following Nigeria's presidential elections Saturday have sparked calls for calm from the two main candidates and a warning by the U.S. and…

URGENT - 2 federal agents charged with stealing Bitcoin

(CNN) -- Two now-former agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration and the U.S. Secret Service are charged with wire fraud, money laundering and other…

U.S. ends Boston case with grisly photos

Tsarnaev brothers before Boston bombing

From Bob Leonard

Federal prosecutors ended their case against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on Monday with disturbing, unforgettable images and testimony detailing the damage homemade…

Florida church van crash kills 8

Florida bus crash


A dark intersection. A church van full of parishioners. And tragedy.

Boom! The Dow is surging 275+ points

Remember all those worries about earnings and the economy that caused a big slump on Wall Street last week?

Yup, investors have forgotten all that. The market…

Robin Williams' wife, kids fight over his estate

Robin Williams' wife and children are fighting over his estate, heading to court Monday to try and settle the dispute.

At issue are some items at one of the…

Who is Trevor Noah?

Trevor Noah

Dominic Barnardt/Getty/MTV

You may not know it, but comedian Trevor Noah actually made a bit of history even before being named to succeed Jon Stewart as host of "The Daily Show."

'The Daily Show' replaces Jon Stewart with ...

Jon Stewart

Floyd Yarmuth/CNN

It looks like "The Daily Show" has a new host.

Bush missed red flags in business scandal

Jeb Bush interview

Ken Borland/CNN

There were plenty of red flags surrounding the company Jeb Bush was planning to join: lawsuits, bad headlines, even previously convicted drug dealers in top…

Laitinen: College credit? Kill that

The cost of college has rapidly increased over the past 30 years. Students today face annual costs, between tuition and living, that can easily exceed $10,000…

Opinion: Give the crew the key

In some ways, America's president pilots our ship of state as a captain pilots a jumbo jet, and this analogy suggests one possible way to avoid a repeat of the…

'Home' run: Did Rihanna save DreamWorks Animation?

The nightmare for DreamWorks Animation may be over. The beleaguered studio can thank Rihanna and Sheldon from "The Big Bang Theory" for the turnaround.


"I thought life would be better after the recession. Not worse."

--John Smith, unemployed construction worker

"These amendments may very likely duck the House's specific definition of what constitutes an earmark, but that doesn't mean it's not pork.

--Leslie Paige of Citizens Against Government Waste

"Folks are beyond homeless here. Their homes don't exist ... the power and destruction here was unimaginable."

--Missouri Gov. Jay Dixon following a devastating tornado that killed more than 150 people.

""There's a lot of things happening that can change the dynamic of this race from the past. So it will certainly be interesting to see."

--former Indianapolis 500 winner Helio Castroneve on the Indy 500.

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