Leaders in La Crosse's city government want to see improvements to code inspections.

The city council executive committee met Tuesday afternoon to brainstorm ideas on how departments can better collaborate with municipal code enforcement.

Mayor Tim Kabat says a number of departments are involved with enforcing ordinances, and each uses a unique approach.

Both he and the council president want to see the process become more consistent and streamlined if possible. "Status quo is unacceptable. I think we need to improve how we're going about the business of enforcing the codes we have on the books right now," said City Council President Dick Swantz.

"Ultimately, the city wants to get compliance, so whether it's a building condition issue that needs to be fixed or a sidewalk that needs to be shoveled, the city just wants that done," said Mayor Kabat.

The committee is also discussing a streamlined process for the Committee of the Whole and full council meetings.

No major decisions were made.