Changes to the La Crosse's recycling program are being delayed another month.

The city is planning to start recycling more items so they need bigger recycle bins for households.

The new program was supposed to start right after the new year, but the Public Works department decided Monday to push the start date back a month to February.

One reason for the delay is they need to give people time to choose the size bin they want and then order them. Also, Harter's Quick Cleanup has ordered new trucks to accommodate the new bins.

When it does start, residents will notice a big change. "The 95 gallon cart is the default size for recycling, it's a lot bigger than the 18-gallon we're currently using, but we're not currently recycling egg cartons, we're not currently recycling cereal boxes, we're not currently recycling soda containers, all recyclable in the future. We want to recycle more," said Public Works Dir. Dale Hexom.

By the end of the week, you should receive a post card from the city where you can make your bin decision. Those need to be mailed back by October 7th.

You can also make your decision at